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Welcome to The Bordel de Mer's website!


The Bordel de Mer is a podcast entirely devoted to sea shanties. Produced in the province of Quebec (Canada) since 2006, it’s goal is to offer a platform for music groups and solo artists singing maritime related songs from all over the world.

In each episode, I present traditional and contemporary songs from different countries and in multiple languages.

If you are part of a group or if you’re a solo artist doing sea shanties or sea songs, please send me an email so I can tell you how to send me your CD(s)!


Last episode

The Bordel de Mer – episode 198 (S08E02)

May 14, 2019
In this episode:
  • Act of Mutiny
  • À Virer
  • Chris Ricketts
  • Drijfhout
  • Marins du bout du monde (Les)
  • Strand Hugg
  • Taillevent
  • Tom Lewis
  • Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers

Hello everyone and welcome to this 2nd episode of the 8th season!

With summer on its way and lots of festivals coming up, I need your help to put up a calendar of upcoming events  from all over the world presenting sea shanties and sea songs.

It’s a thing I was thinking about for quite some time now and I’ve put up a modest calendar on the website, but only with events that I found myself. If you know about other events, please let me know. I hope eventually to get it to a level that it could be done as a standalone app… But that’s in the long run… =)


And speaking of festivals, I’ll have the chance this year to travel twice to Europe to sing with my band Brise-Glace. I’ll be at the Paimpol Festival (Britany, France) between the 2nd and 4th of August and at Harwich (England) between the 11th and 13th of October. I’ll bring cameras and mics with me to hopefully make interviews. Can’t wait to meet you there!

On this 198th episode of The Bordel de Mer, you will hear:

  • Sometimes/Rosie (Act of Mutiny – CD: An act with friends – Lyrics and Music: Traditional)
  • Le port de Tacoma (Les Marins Du Bout Du Monde – CD: Force 5 – French Lyrics: Henri Jacques / Music: Traditional)
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers – CD: Pirate Party – Lyrics and Music: Traditional)
  • Zeven Zeeën (Drijfhout – CD: Over Drijven En Stranden – Lyrics and Music: Rik Holwerda)
  • Si La Piquette Est Bonne (Taillevent – CD: Peuples Des Côtes – Lyrics and Music: Traditional)
  • Les Filles À 5 Deniers (Strand Hugg – CD: En Concert…Ve – Lyrics: Traditional / Music: Traditional – Jacky Beaucé)
  • Round The Corner Sally (Chris Ricketts – CD: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea – Lyrics and Music: Traditional)
  • Le Joli Navire (À virer – CD: Nos Escales – Lyrics: Jean Richepin / Music: Jean-Marc Lesieur)
  • Sailorman’s Port In A Storm (Tom Lewis – CD: Surfacing – Lyrics and Music: Tom Lewis)


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Sea Shanty Festivals

Sea Shanty bands and artists

Here is an incomplete list of sea shanties solo artists and bands from around the world. If you or your band are not listed here, please write to me so I can put you on the list.



If you are part of a group or if you are a solo artist doing sea shanties or sea songs and you would like to share your music with the rest of the world, please send me an email so I can tell you how to send me your CD(s)!

And if you just want to say "Hello", feel free to do so! =)